Museum Escape – MTE Escape Room

On February the 17th and 18th, March the 10th and April the 21st 2024 Museum Escape, the Escape Room certified MTE, took place at the Museum of Electrical Technology.











A journey through time from the origins to the latest applications of electrical technology throughout enigmas, clues and puzzles to help Alan Turing. The event raised great interest and enthusiasm among the participants, who were able to experience the Museum through a completely new adventure.



Museum day

On Saturday 23 March 2024 the Museum of Electrical Technology a day of celebrations and grand inaugurations took place: the Museum Day.











After an unmissable conference entitled “The deep learning revolution: artificial intelligence meets human intelligence”, aperitif and guided tour.


First National University Day

On the initiative of CRUI – Conference of Rectors of Italian Universities was established on 20 March 2024, the National University Day “Universities unveiled”, coinciding with the International Day of Happiness and within the Minerva Week, a period dedicated to the celebration of knowledge and education.











During the morning guided tours were held to discover the museums, libraries, laboratories and classrooms of the University of Pavia. The Museum of Electrical Technology has opened its doors with a guided ad hoc tour, by Professor Paolo Di Barba, for citizens.


2022 – 2023

The Museum of Electrical Technology in Pavia welcomes in its prestigious spaces THE GAME. Electricity and digital revolution. An exhibition inspired by the book by Alessandro Baricco, a fascinating journey created with Scuola Holden that, from 30 September 2022 to 28 February 2023, tells the last 40 years of technological evolution that have radically changed the lives of each of us.

Watch the video of the Lectio Magistralis held by Alessandro Baricco in the Salone Teresiano of the University of Pavia:

Watch Alessandro Baricco narrate the exhibition


2021 – 2022

NIKOLA TESLA. The Man who Lit up the World – The history of a genius
From october 16 2021 to february 28 2022. Info at TESLA

The exhibition was promoted with the Nikola Tesla Technical Museum in Zagreb and placed within the permanent collection of the Museum, in the section where the machines for the production of direct and alternating current are exhibited. The path highlighted the progress of science made thanks to the work of Tesla and other protagonists of his time such as Thomas Edison, Galileo Ferraris and Guglielmo Marconi.